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Cleveland Chamber Collective

Music of America III

3 pm

Disciples Church, Cleveland Hts OH



June 4 @ 7 pm 

New Music on the Bayou Festival

Emy-Lou Biedenharn Recital Hall, University of Louisiana Monroe

Monroe, LA



Presented & Choreographed by Inlet Dance Theater

7 pm

CPT in the James Levin Theater, Cleveland OH



Ty Alan Emerson, composer and Director of the Cleveland Chamber Collective, is known for his dynamic and mesmerizing style of musical composition.

Emerson’s works and arrangements have been featured in performances by Inlet Dance TheatreNo ExitASSEM3LYThe Musical Theater Project, and others.  He was hired by Fader Music and Sound to help arrange the welcome trailer for the Cleveland International Film Festival No. 43.


Emerson's most recent accomplishment, with the composer at the podium, was the world premiere of his Caliban Ascendant with the Cleveland Chamber Collective and Inlet Dance Theatre.

Nicholas Stevens of Cleveland Classical wrote, “Darkling, I Listen… resembled a single painted brushstroke on an otherwise blank canvas. Variable in thickness, color, and height, drawn against silence and always threatening to run out...” Louisville Courier-Journal music critic Andrew Adler wrote “[Dedications]…possessed surprising emotional resonance and was quite expertly wrought.”