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Thank you from the band, the dancers, Bill at Inlet, the folks at Cain Park, and me, for coming to the premiere of Caliban Ascendant. What a great and enthusiastic crowd! I was in the wingswhen the trio finished the piece for bass drum and heard the eruption of cheers. I thought, "Now this is how to appreciate Classical Music!" And the applause got bigger with each piece. After the ballet, when we took our bows, we were all drained and excited, and felt an amazing wash of love and appreciation. It was such a great experience. Thank you for being a part of it. And check out this great review from clevelandclassical: Cleveland Chamber Collective & Inlet Dance Theatre: Caliban Ascendant (Aug. 29) Please, if you saw the show, come to our website and fill out our survey. This helps us articulate our success to grant agencies and build better programs. Post-Concert Survey | Chamber Collective Lastly, as I mentioned at the show, this was our biggest program yet, and the costs for mounting it and documenting it, are far greater than any other single show. We could really use your help to close the gap on these expenses. Would you consider making a tax deductible donation to the Chamber Collective? You can do so by visiting the website and clicking the donate button: For those who have already donated, thank you so much! Be on the look out for more news about the show and our coming season. Warmest Regards, Ty Emerson


Cleveland Chamber Collective

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